Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I was going through a few pictures my Great Grandmother had and I came across a few of the ranch.
I spent my childhood in Etna, Utah twelve miles from Grouse Creek on Red Butte Ranch! My dad, his brother, and their grand parents ranched sheep and cattle. I would help with the bum lambs and when I got to the age, I took a sheep to the fair. It was not my favorite thing but I did it anyways.
I couldn't have asked for a better place. There were so many places to visit and to 3 children the adventures were many.
My Dad and Uncle Tom completed the cedar fence. We spent many a days playing on the fence. Numerous times it acted as our horses while we played cowboys and Indians.

This is the old barn, my Dad and Uncle built a new one that was gorgeous. I'll find a picture and post one.

This was our house. Long and narrow but it was home. Inside this house I left my mark. My favorite spot in the house was by the washer with the bleach. I would tip it over and ride it like a horse. Needless to say, I bleached the lovely brown indoor/outdoor kitchen carpet.

This is the last picture taken of the Church in Grouse Creek on December 18th 1982.

Older picture of the ranch, I believe it was taken in the 1960s or 1970s.
Beyond the barn was a corral. Inside this corral where cedar trees. Some of the trees grew in odd shapes and figures. My brothers and I found this great little hide out and would play for hours. All we had to do was tell mom which direction we were heading and we would play until we got hungry. If we were really planning ahead, we would pack a lunch and come home late afternoons.

A different side of the ranch. The corner of the patio, this was my Great-grandparents home.

Grouse Creek Utah's school house. It still looks the same today but there are more trees and a playground out front.
When my grandfather was in elementary school he decided to play a joke. With the help of his friend, they would lower themselves down the hole of the light pole and dig. Bringing up the extra dirt with a bucket and rope. The next day when the light poles were placed inside the holes, each disappeared. It did not take them long to figure out who was at fault.
I love thinking back and laughing and the stupid things my dad and his father did. I just use this as examples of what not to do!!

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