Monday, December 31, 2012

30 years of Marriage

On December 18th, 2012 my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Tom, Dad, Mom, and Cindy
Dad wouldn't get a new suit, so Mom (being her creative self) used the colors brown and peach.
I just have to say, it's interesting and way to go Mom. I would have never imagined those colors but looking at her flowers, it turned out great!!

Left to right: Great-Grandma Beth Cutler, Grandpa Duane Thomas, Grandma Theo Morgan, Dad, Mom, Great-Grandma Mary & Great-Grandpa Bill Thomas
This would be my Dad's side of the family. Great-Grandma Cutler is Grandma Morgan's mother.
Great-Grandma/grandpa Thomas would be Grandpa Thomas' parents.
This is from a newspaper article. This is the old Grouse Creek Church, my parents were the last couple to get married here before they tore it down to begin building the new church.
I would have never guessed that my parents could have made it this far. They have had their moments, but they worked through each of those problems and have developed a stronger relationship for one another.  I am proud to call them my parents. I can proudly say, they are the best!! I know it's a biased thing to say but when it comes to my family I am biased!!
I just hope for myself, that I can work through the things my parents had to, in order to keep a family together!!
I love both of my parents and wish them 30 more years together!!